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[April 25th] -- I thought I'd really enjoy MLB.com's new and improved streaming video this year. The "700" version really does offer a much sharper, more TV-like image than the "400" version from last year.

Too bad I can now watch the Nationals get whacked night in and night out in such life-like clarity.

Oh well.

I thought I might bring you some good news - and for that to happen, it's going to have to come from the minor leagues. Listed above are the eight best starting pitchers among the Nationals four farm teams (none of the Hagerstown Suns' pitchers are playing well enough to make the list). I am most interested to see how well Mike Hinckley is doing this year. After getting rocked last year in Potomac, Hinckley is doing better against better talent this year.

The way John Patterson and Jerome Williams are pitching, you can bet that Jim Bowden is keeping a close eye on several of these guys.

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