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[March 12th] -- Health issues that just won't go away are forcing me to curtail extracurriculars, at least for a while. Without question, this website is decidedly extracurricular.

Keep checking back -- I'll return. For now, however, it's R&R for now.

Go Nats.

Get well soon Farid. I miss your posts.
I'd like to wish you well with the health situation that you're facing, Farid.

Best wishes for you and your family, Farid.
Farid: Good Luck, Best Wishes. Sohna and I are pulling for you.
Farid -- get well soon, pal. May God bless you.
Farid, get well soon! Life starts again for real on April 2d.
Hope to see you fully recovered, healthy, and posting again very soon. Best wishes.
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