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[March 5th] -- It only took three games for the Nationals to win their first game of the spring, and it took only a few more minutes after that before they lost again, running their record to 1-3. Ah, the perils of split-squads.

Though I wrote last week that three innings here, four at-bats there shouldn't make or break a player's chance to make the opening day roster, they do. And though - in the long run - four games worth of statistics are meaningless, decisions are already being made within the organization as to who is, and isn't going to be around come April based on these first four games.

Happy Campers:

Bad Boys:

There are several players who have played very well so far, but they don't have a chance to make the team, so it's the "if a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it, did it make a sound?" scenario.

Matt Chico was impressive, and I'm beginning to believe that a Livan Hernandez for Matt Chico trade straight up wouldn't have been a bad trade at all. I have had a chance to watch him pitch, and the comparisons to Mike Hampton are fair. I'd rather him start the year at Columbus and give some of the question-marks a chance to make it (or not), but Manny might have no alternative but to bring him north if he keeps impressing.

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