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[January 31st] -- So, I have been waiting for offers of large sums of cash to keep blogging, but thus far, all I've collected is $1.69 and a wedding proposal.

Works for me.

Seriously, I think a slightly reduced workload at both school and here at TBB (striketwo.net says I average 9.6 posts per week - I never realized it was that many) should keep things in check, at least for the time being.

Writer: will work for comments.

What a life!

Careful Farid. Not-blogging can lead to ailments like too much fresh air and a serious case of real conversation with wife. Not-blogging can be habit-forming and may result in return of concentration, loss of deadlines and sudden baseball apathy. If your not-blogging lasts longer than four hours, see your RSS reader.
As long as you don't stop blogging altogether! I look forward to your new columns first thing in the morning with my coffee. I also appreciate the history lessons from time to time, since I was but 5 or so when the Senators left the last time. Your blog keeps my interest in the Nats going all-year round for me and a co-worker (not that we need a big push as season ticket holders). Please keep up the good work.
I second what Stacey in Arlington VA. As long as your still blogging, I'm happy. I mean, you've been blogging insane amounts for about two ywar....good to hear your feeling better.

This has made my day,
That is, indeed, good news!!
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