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[January 24th] -- The Bill Ladson interview is 95% finished -- sorry it's taking so long. Rather than break it up, I decided to do it as a single post. That's one long story.

I can tell you that the finished product turned out very different from what I had orginally envisioned. Some of the things that Bill told me were too important not to include as a sidebar to the baseball story itself.

I'm thinking that I may end the interviews with this Ladson piece. It's not that getting them to say yes has been difficult, but rather I don't honestly if I'm doing it because I wanted to give my readers insights to the team that I wanted to know, or if I was doing it to say, "Hey, look at me: I've talked to Bill Ladson and a bunch of other guys too."

Now that interviews are becoming commonplace in the Nationals' blog-o-sphere (and they are all very very good), perhaps I'll just return to my cave and continue to pound the keyboard until a fan's perspective begins to emerge again.

We'll see I guess.

Looking forward to it!!
If you just did the interview today, why did you say you did it last week?
Dear anonymous,
I'm afraid you didn't read my post close enough. I said that I had just gotten off the phone with Ladson and that we set up the interview for Friday, and that I would post it by Tuesday.

School requirements forced me to reschedule for Tuesday.

Where did I say I already did the interview?

It's kind of silly to lie when everything I say is archived for all time and eternity.
That's funny, Farid, because I remember seeing that you'd finished it last week, too.

Are you sure you didn't edit the earlier post just now?

Then why don't you let him out! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

I am looking forward to the Ladson post Farid. BTW, I went to one of the "stops" on the Nats Winter Caravan. I was a little bummed that RZimm didn't show, but had fun anyway. I took a few pictures, they are posted here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ardyiii/
This is what I mean about Capital Punishment and Yuda -- Chris Needham: Always making stupid remarks.
Off topic, but here's an article with a report of Mr. Lerner's take on free agency. The anti-planners won't like it, and even the planners may shudder a bit.

Title changed, response comment gone, now I just appear to be insane. I'm Julianne Moore in the Forgotten : I remember my children!
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