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[November 5th] --In 1968, then baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn commissioned a graphic artist to design a patch to be worn on the sleeve of all major league teams in 1969. The patch was to commemerate the 100th anniversary of major league baseball. The artist, however, wasn't happy with the look of the baseball player depicted on the original patch design. He began to look through a pile of photographs that Kuhn's aides had given him, players whose likeness could be used on the patch. Finally, he happened to see an image of a player who "looked like major league baseball." He used this player's likeness on the final design, pictured above.

Who was the player? He's a former Washington Senator. Click here to find out the identity of the player on the patch.

Oh, and for those of you who enjoy kidding me about living in Idaho -- guess where this guy is from? Idaho has has a player in the hall of fame --- does D.C.??

I wonder if that patch was originally intended to be the official logo of Major League Baseball or if the original purpose was simply to commemorate the centennial of professional baseball?

Anyway, thanks for letting us know about this!

Eddie Cunningham
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