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[November 21st] -- The Boston Globe is reporting that Jim Bowden is thinking about acquiring yet another "toolsy" outfielder:

"One industry executive insisted the Sox were dangling outfielder Wily Mo Pena to the Nationals for closer Chad Cordero, though Nationals GM Jim Bowden, through a club spokesman, denied any such discussions. Bowden, who traded for Pena when he was with Cincinnati, has long held Pena in high regard."

Bowden, of course, denies everything.

This trade is a non-starter, at least as described. Chad Cordero has far more value on the open market than does Wily Mo Pena. While the Red Sox outfielder may one day become a feared slugger, Cordero -- with 76 saves over the last two years -- is already a premier closer.

Pena and a couple of prospects for Cordero, well, that would be a different story. A team learning to win doesn't need a "lights out" closer like Cordero, and teams like the Red Sox might be willing to overpay to get him. The Nationals have several players within the organization, both at the major and minor league level, who could take his place and satisfactorily take over the closer's role while the team rebuilds.

No, I wouldn't worry about this rumor -- at least not yet.

No Relief In Sight: Mike Stanton, who went 7-7, 3.99, 8 saves with the Nationals and Giants last year said he would consider signing with Washington one more time if "things work out." He wanted to play on the East coast to be near his family in New Jersey and he wanted to play for a contender. Well, one out of two aint bad. He ended up signing with the Reds. That's no surprise. He got a two year deal with an option for a third. That's a surprise. He got $5 million dollars. That's rediculous. $2.5 million for a guy who's main job in life is to get lefties out -- for a guy who's only going to pitch 60-70 innings a year?

Let's see: he pitched 67 innings last year. If he does that again for Cincinnati, that works to roughly $37,000 an inning.

I guess that if the Nationals are waiting to sign a reasonably-priced free agent, it's going to be a long, long wait at that.

The Red Sox have had Pena for less than a year and want to unload him. That speaks volumes. Bowden is a sucker for ex Cincy player who hit a few homers and strike out a lot. To make matters worse, Pena is a poor outfielder. Bowden has had the hots for this guy since he became GM. Before you know it, Bowden will be trying to trade Ryan Zimmerman for Ken Griffey Jr. I wonder if Bowden is related to Bob Short???
If Jimbo trades The Chief for Pena--heads are going to roll in Nats Management. They would hear from me to no end. That would be an idiotic move--to the max.
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