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[November 9th] -- The first time I saw images of the Arizona Diamondbacks original uniforms on the internet, I said to my son, "Man, they need new uniforms!" Finally, a decade later, they listened to me and did away with the decidedly '90s teal and purple.

Now, they look a lot like our own Washington Nationals.

The Diamondbacks unveiled new colors -- a rust similar to Houston's "orange"-- and new jersey lettering to go along with the traditional snake "D" that remains on the hat.

While the black jersey (here sported by former National Livan Hernandez) is unique to the Diamondbacks, the red alternate jersey and the home white uniform smack of the Nationals uni's worn since 2004.

I'm not complaining -- I'm simply surprised that the Diamondbacks have the same red and gold scheme of the Nationals as well as the three-layer lettering on the jerseys; all that's missing is the blue. I wonder if their uniforms were designed by Todd Radom, the guy who drew up the Nats' togs in a hotel room in Boston during the 2004 World Series. The look is very similar.

What do you think of the design? Certainly it's an improvement, and I guess that old saying about imitation and flattery still rings true.

it has to be the same guy -- it looks like the nats uniform -- created with a photoshop program.

Oh, wouldn't it be nice for team's to have simple designs like the old days?
Man, they are nearly identical, aren't they??
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