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[December 20th] -- Like other Nationals' bloggers, I'm going to be taking the next week off unless something unexpected happens. The last two Christmas seasons, I spent more time at my computer than with my wife and children, something they reminded me of a few days ago. Sure, the Nationals are important in my life, but until Stan Kasten kisses me goodnight and gives me Christmas gifts to die for, my family comes first.
Here is hoping that all of you have a wonderful holiday season. I'll be back after Christmas with daily posts. I haven't done a lot of that in the past few weeks because - frankly - I don't know what to make of the new team. Other than Ryan Zimmerman, I'm just not sure who is going to play where and how often. Hopefully, all this will play itself out before Spring Training.

Dear Farid,

I don't blame you for choosing time with your family over blogging. That one's kind of a "no brainer." ;-)

I hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas, and have a happy, healthy 2008!
Stan's coming over right now to give you that good night kiss, Farid. :~)

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
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