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[November 7th] -- it was a double whammy for Ryan Zimmerman on Tuesday. He broke a bone in his wrist while taking batting practice (it's not going to effect him next year thank goodness) and then he found out he didn't win his first Gold Glove.

That he didn't win isn't a surprise. He committed 23 errors and seemed to take a step back defensively (though to be fair it was due to a lack of concentration rather than a mechanical problem). What surprised me was that his childhood friend, David Wright, beat him out (Zimmerman came in third behind Wright and perennial winner Scott Rolen). Marty Noble at mlb.com said it this way: "In voting by the coaches and managers in the National League, Wright was elected over the Cardinals' Scott Rolen, who had won the National League Gold Glove for third basemen in seven of the previous nine years, including last season, and Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals, Wright's long-time friend who generally is regarded as a superior defender. "

We all got the chance to see Wright play often this year, and there was nothing there that indicated he was a Gold-Glove candidate. He makes most of the routine plays but spectacular, Zimmerman-like plays are few and far between. So why Wright?

Lets take a look at Wright and Zimmerman's stats side-by-side.

Wright: Putouts:107 -- Assists:304 -- Errors:21 -- Double Plays:24 -- Fielding %:.954

Zimmerman: Putouts:140 -- Assists:348 -- Errors:23 -- Double Plays:39 -- Fielding %:.955

In roughly the same number of innings, Zimmerman has 33 more putouts, 44 more assists, 15 more double plays and a better fielding percent, not to mention a whole slew of Web Gems.

And yet Wright wins the award.

Fear not. Once Zimmerman wins his first, he'll likely rip off a string of 10 or 12 in a row before he's finally done. I watched Brooks Robinson play as a kid. He's considered the best of all time. Without exaggerating, I think that Ryan is better on the spectacular plays and almost as good on the routine. He just might end up being known as the "best ever."

Could happen.

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