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[April 2nd] -- Here it is Opening Day and I haven't published in almost a week. That, my friends, just isn't right. I should be excited at yet another opening day in Washington, D.C. My regular readers, however, know that my health jumps up and bites me in the butt at times.
Consider the past week one of those times.
I'll be back following this afternoon's game. I'm certain that the new season will renew my health, which will in turn bring me back to my blog.
Go Nats. It's time to win your first Opening Day in D.C.


As one of your faithful readers, I miss you.

I pray all is well.
Here's another one. I may not have always agreed on your view of the current team and its front office, but I always enjoyed reading the way you said it. I especially enjoyed your perspective on the Senators, as I'm a little too young to have lived through that. I hope you're okay.
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