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[January 11th] -- What is it about centerfield that makes the Nationals' "big-thinkers" stop thinking?

Two seasons ago, it was Endy Chavez.

Last season, it was Brandon Watson.

And now it's Nook Logan.

Buried deep in a Bill Ladsen article that was designed to fend off embarrassment for not offering Frank Robinson a position with the team was this stunning news:

"Citing a need to improve the defense, which was one of the worst in the National League ... [Manny] Acta said that Nook Logan will enter Spring Training as the everyday center fielder."

Let me repeat myself. Endy Chavez. Brandon Watson.

I'm not going to bore you with Logan's underperforming career. You know the numbers. I just need to mention three career statistics: average: .261 .... on base percentage:.325 .... slugging average: .334

So his defense would have to be Andruw Jones-esque to support those type of offensive numbers, and while he's certainly a credible defender, he's no Andruw Jones. I'm not even sure if he's a Brandon Watson.

That means that Kory Casto, Alex Escobar and Ryan Church will compete for the open left field position this spring.

And that means that the Nationals will likely trade Church before the season starts and will probably use a platoon of Casto and Escobar in left.

And that sucks.

I know, I know -- you're probably tired of me saying this, but the best outfield the Nationals could field would be Casto/Restovich in left, Escobar in center, Church in right with Kearns (who can't hit right handed pitching) traded for more pitching.

We've all been waiting to see what kind of manager Manny Acta will be.

I hope his first decision isn't any indication of his on-the-field managerial skills.

I say give Logan a chance -- he was a lot better than Watson (who was lost) and was better than Church and Escobar have looked in center. Given that the pitching staff will be less than "lights out" (to say the least), going with a defense oriented team makes sense to me. Plus, Logan looked OK at the plate and added some speed.

I actually think that the best outfield for the Nats next year would be Church/Escobar in Left, Logan in center, Kearns in right. Casto should spend some time in AAA - maybe he comes up later in the season.
Redding in LEFT?? You must mean Restovich. Logan will not last, but its obvious they are going to at least give him the opportunity to win, or lose it. Its still very, very early. I can see Casto playing AAA to begin the season.
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dear anonymous,
I have no email like that.

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Chiming in a bit late here -- but I still don't get the whole Ryan Church thing -- guess I just missed the boat on him completely.

On the other hand, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Escobar can stay healthy -- I'd love to see him patrolling CF every day for the Nats. I say Casto in left (nothing to lose giving him a shot), Escobar in center, Kearns in right. And hopefully trade Church for a warm body.
We're forgetting about Snelling -- maybe the hope is that Escobar and Snelling will at least be injured at different times, and the Nats can employ an "injury" platoon in LF.
You're right! I absolutely forgot about Chris Snelling. He should have been listed as a possibility too.
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