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[December 30th] -- On some Saturdays, there is a lot of news regarding the Nationals, and I spend a great deal of time typing furiously at my keyboard. On other Saturdays, there is no real news regarding the Nationals, and I spend a great deal of time finding something to report on, typing furiously at my keyboard.

But this Saturday, it's snowing, it's cold and I'm still tired.

I'm going back to bed. That's one of the benefits of living in Idaho -- you never feel compelled to go do something because there is so little to do here.

I'll publish later in the day. But - for now anyway - my Serta "Sleep Certain" double ply hotel grade uber-mattress is calling my name.

But before I hit the sack, a SENATORS TRIVIA QUESTION:

If you're a real Senators' fan, you might be able to name this former player. But if you spent your childhood doing nothing else but rooting for the Senators like me, you just might be able to name the player over his shoulder. Leave your answer in the 'comments.' The person who gets it right will win my undying gratitude. Oh, and if you can name the park the picture was taken in, then I'm not the only baseball deviant out there.

Oh, by the way, do you ever wonder how accurate the "retro" hats and uniforms really are that Major League Baseball tries to sell us? Take a look at the cap in the above picture. It was worn from 1964 through 1967 before being replaced by the red cap with the white "curly W." But take a look at that same cap depicted in my banner. I got all those images from the Nationals' store at the team's website.

There is quite a difference.

The white piping around the red 'W' is much wider on the cap in the photograph, but there is a big difference in the design of the 'W' as well. On both the red and blue retro cap, the end of the W's loop is squared off -- it's been that way on the "Cooperstown Collection" cap for many years. But the cap in the photograph shows what I remember; the end of the loop is full and curvy, and looks exactly like the one in use today. In all my research, I have never seen a single photo with that "squared off" 'W.'

Go figure.

Tim Cullen in the front and Eddie Brinkman in the back??
No, that's Ron Hansen. I have no idea who's in the back though.
Sorry, not Tim Cullen and Not Ron Hansen!
Bernie Allen is the player facing forward, no doubt. I am sure the photo was taken at Old Comisky Park because of the Open Half Moon Shaped Window Portals. Number 2 is Ken McMullen. I am confident.

Photo Taken in 1967. The First Week of the Season.
The "Retro" Caps made made by many companies, have raised letters that really did not exist back in the 1960's. The only raising from older caps came from the person doing the stitching putting too much a a weave into it. My cap like the one Bernie Allen is wearing, is like the one in your banner. At the same time, my 1969 Red Curly W Cap with White W sits flat, but the W is wider than the one actually used during those days. The Mitchell & Ness 1969 Jerseys, both Grey and Home Cream White have a very Crimson Red in the Senators Lettering on the Jersey. The ones worn during that time were more toward the Brighter Reds. So, whatever cap you actually buy today, it will not exactly match the retro jersey. Of course, I have them all.
Screech, as usual, you win.

Of course, Kenny Mac was #2, but also he was beginning to show his balding about that time.

And those "half moon" windows were a dead giveaway for Comisky.

I really do feel better that someone else knows so much unnecessary information.
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