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[November 19th] -- From the sounds of things, it's official.

If it is, whoo - boy.

ESPN Radio in Chicago is reporting that the Chicago Cubs have signed Alfonso Soriano to a ....

... get this ....

EIGHT YEAR, $136 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT. For those of you without a calculator handy, that works out to $17 million a year until the year 2014.

Soriano will be 38 years old when his contract expires.

Um, I just don't know what to say. I'm not upset that he's not going to be here next year -- even at $13 million a year, he would have siphoned off too much of a young team's maturing payroll. That $17 million could buy the Nats two, maybe even three "plus" starting pitchers. But, man! Just when you think that the owners are regaining some sense of business acumen, something like this happens.

The Chicago Cubs' fans got screwed.

In two or three years, Soriano's skills will begin to deteriorate, and by the year 2011 or so, he's going to be a .260-30-80 below-average outfielder.

Making $17 million dollars a year.

All I can figure is that the Tribune Company, owners of the Cubs, are in the process of selling the team, and don't have to worry about Soriano's contract years and years from now.

And years.

There is also that "draft choice" thing. Remember how we were all saying that two first round picks were more than enough payment for Soriano? Well, because the Cubs had a worse record than the Nationals, their #1 pick is off-limits. Looks like the Nats will get the sandwich pick and the Cubs second round choice.


For a more well-versed look at the whole "draft choice" scenario, click here to read the Farm Authority's take on what might happen. They don't call them the "authority" for nothing.

If it turns out that Jim Bowden could have gotten more for Soriano than we will get for the draft picks from the Cubs, then he made a huge mistake. However, I'm not going to cry over spilt milk. The Nats are not at the point where we can blow $136 million on one player---we still need to build up our farm system. If---after the new stadium is built---the Nats are unable to retain any talented prospects we may develop, then we will be in big trouble. But I think the Lerners and Stan Kasten can turn around the perception that this franchise and city are second-rate. Best of luck to Fonzie in Chicago. Thank God he isn't going to one of our division rivals!
What in the World ARE THE CUBS THINKING?? Yeah, Alfonso is a terrific talent, will be very dangerous in The Friendly Confines--but a few years down the line, someones managing the Cubs is going to regret this--if there is a strict NO TRADE CLAUSE. I can just see him now, backing off the brick wall--trying not to get injured. The African Queen will miss him--but, there is NO WAY Washington needs to pay anyone that amount of money right now, or ever. The Draft Pick Situation sucks. Now we have The 5th pick, 33rd (Sandwich Pick), The Cubs 2nd Rounder--which will be somewhere in the 45-50th pick or so--then our 2nd Rounder. Lets hope they choose WISELY.

Good Yellowstone Pics, by the way--Sohna IS JEALOUS.
And it appears that the Cubs are going to play thy guy in center. I hope that they aren't looking at all those assists and thinking the guy is an outfielder. Many,perhaps most of them came because runners didn't think he could make a routine throw to second. Turns out he could. That's great. That doesn't make him a great outfielder, though.
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