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[December 1st] -- A short post today -- Idahoans are being attacked by the most incidious of stomach virus, and since I'm an Idahoan, I'm dying here ....

If there is any free agent that typifies the "open wallet" policies of the free agent market, it's Royce Clayton. Clayton, who batted .270 for the Diamondbacks in 2005, found that his best offer for 2006 was a minor league, non-guaranteed contract offered by the Nationals. He bats .258 for Washington and Cincinnati, however, and parlays that into a $1.5 millon dollar deal.

Royce Clayton? $1.5 million? I haven't been as hard on Clayton as some of the other bloggers -- I thought he was "decent enough," but he did nothing - nothing - to earn that kind of raise.

Maybe Vinny Castilla should consider playing one more year?

What's really funny about it was Clayton's comments after the deal was announced. JP Riccardi, the Blue Jays GM said that Royce would not be the starter, he and two others would share the position. Clayton, immediately started bitching, like he did last spring after signing with the Nats, that he's always been a everyday player, at least 140 games per season for years and until someone tells him he can't play anymore--he wants to start. HELLO--ROYCE, maybe someones telling you now. Feel lucky and fortunate that you got the contract you did. Players never learn, they are, almost always, greedy--on every level.
Clayton is a bargain at $1.5 million when compared to the $4 million plus the Nats are paying Guzman. Moreover, Clayton's glove, while not great, was steadier than Flop's. He hit around .270 for the Nats, which was more than anyone expected.
With Soriano gone, I am wondering why the Nats have no interest in Jose Guillen. He would come cheap and if he is healthy he would be a bargain. He's far more talented than any of the outfielders on the current roster.
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