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[October 23rd] -- I'm Chris Matthews ... let's play Hardball ... boy talk about not playing hardball ... The Nationals suck ... I mean, God, we had to wait 34 years for this for goodness sake ... Holy Cow, I grew up in Philly, big Phillies fan, I was a Phillies fan, and, though you won't believe I'm old enough to remember them, I liked the A's too, we called the the Athletics, that's because I'm from Philadelphia; so anyway, I was at RFK Stadium, wow, what great memories that place must bring back for native Washingtonians, *hah* like there is such a thing, I watched the the Nats play the Diamondbacks, I think they were from Phoenix or somewhere outside of Pennsylvania, so it really doesn't matter, and the Nationals actually swept them, they swept them, they won all the games, wow, but then they got swept By the Reds, they play in Cincinnati, and man, they suck!; I mean they reminded me of old Tom Dewey in 1948, but I wasn't there, the Nuns, the Nuns, *hah* the Nuns, oh God they were great, the Nuns, they taught me my history in Catholic school; I remember Shibe Park so very well, with that tall right field fence and the seats on the houses across the street, but then old man Shibe built that "spite" fence so you couldn't see the game from those houses *hah* only in Philly only in Philly, God I could use a Philly steak sandwich right now; Let's go to Frank Robinson, manager of the Expos, uh, Nationals, *hah* like I'm the only one whose ever done that, so Frank, former Red, Oriole, Dodger, Indian, wow, I hope you got frequent flier miles *hah* so Frank, the Nationals suck and I hear you'll be canned soon, whadya think? Frank Robinson: Well, Chris ... I've already been replaced ...*hah* that's priceless Frank, Franki, Franko, first manager of color, wow, but not the first colorful manager *hah* that Casey Stengel, oh God, he was great, colorful, funny, man that guy could talk Franki will join us after we return; we're playing Hardball, and the Nationals are not! *hah* I'm priceless .....

*hah!* you've got him down pat. Good job.
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