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You know it must have been a nauseating game if I lead my story off with a headline from a local Milwaukee television station.

Hey, you go with what you've got.

I came across this Associated Press story posted on wfrv.com. It's the same story that's been posted on just about every website that has an interest in either the Brewers or Nationals, but the headline was written by someone at the station. "Brewers Out Do Senators?" Some guy in the newsroom must have been watching "Law And Order" as he posted the story, someone like me who is old enough to associate baseball in D.C. with the Senators (as I still do). I'll bet you that if you check out the story some time Saturday, they'll have corrected their faux pas.

Other than the funky headline, there was no real news coming out of RFK on Friday night. Alfonso Soriano still isn't a member of the 40/40 club (How many of you over 40 remember the running gag on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" in the late 1970's -- "This just in, Francisco Franco is still dead!." Ramon Ortiz continues to prove that his near no-hitter was pitched by another pitcher who looked like him, and Nook Logan continues to not look like the team's long term answer in center, regardless of what Jim Bowden may think.

Oh, there was some good news. Ryan Zimmerman got a hit and drove in his 97th run of the year. As long as Zimmerman continues to play like a rookie-of-the-year candidate, then I can handle dealing with all the losses. The other good news came from the bullpen. Messers Schroder, Booker and Campbell combined for a four innings of shutout ball, striking out six while walking none. It looks like the bullpen will again be a strength next year, especially if Luis Ayala's health returns and Mike O'Connor doesn't make the rotation.

I guess Tomo Ohka's (apparent) season ending injury is good news for any of us who get tired of watching Jim Bowden's mistakes come back to haunt the Nationals.

Hey, tomorrow's another day. That is, unless you're Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day."

I thought your take on your blog counter was interesting. I love the counter on my blogs. The statistics on how many people are reading at certain times of day help me time the release of my posts for those times of day when people will be looking for new content.

Also, I use the counter not to write for the crowd, but to evaluate the impact of what I've written for me. I find that when I've written something for me, from the gut, the crowd responds. I also enjoy finding out where people are reading all over the world and all over the US.

Anyway, I see your point, and good for you for getting back to basics. If you ever do go back to counter-usage I'd recommend SiteMeter, though. Lots more information to stress about than those Bravenet counters ;-)
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